The Ultimate Guide to Maintenance Metrics & KPIs

Data-driven decision making is what fuels world-class maintenance teams. But with so many possible metrics to track, how do you choose the right metrics for your team? In this guide we'll take you through the following topics to get your metrics & KPI measurement set up for success:

5 Considerations for Choosing Metrics to Track

Types of Maintenance Metrics

Must Know Terminology


Why Track Metrics & KPIs?

Most organizations are aware of how important it is to use data in their decision making. Maintenance teams are no different. If you have the right data, you’ll be able to make more sensible decisions. The challenge comes in choosing which metrics to track.

Choosing the right metrics helps you prioritize the right tasks and align your goals with those of other departments. Therefore, tracking maintenance metrics is a vital component of achieving world-class maintenance in your organization.

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