Get access to virtual office hours and strategy sessions with UpKeep's Customer Success Team. We conduct these office hours live every week and it’s 100% free. We include a deep-dive on specific features, plans, and any questions you may have. We do this to ensure that you get the most value out of UpKeep. 

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Who should attend Office Hours?

Office Hours are meant for teams that are already using UpKeep to power their maintenance teams. 


What is the format?

Office Hours are an open line where customers can get answers to their questions on a first-come-first-serve basis. Every session is unscripted, so our Customer Success team can dig into your questions and you can also learn best practices from other UpKeep users.

Register here to join the call, and you will be added to our queue for the next webinar. You should receive an email letting you know your spot in the queue, along with dial-in instructions. If you are among the first few in line, we ask you join the call right away. If not, you will receive another email letting you know you're next so that you can the join the call at that time. 


On busier calls, we may limit discussion around each query to five minutes. If more time is needed, we will follow up with you after the call.


How long do they take?

That is up to you. Some customers stay for the full hour to learn from other customer questions while others join for just as long as it takes to get their own questions answered.


Will I be required to share my company name or share my screen?

We understand privacy is a concern for many customers, so while the Customer Success team may ask for your name, company name and contact information, you can share this with us privately via the chat; we will not share this information.

Sometimes we may ask you to share your screen to get a better understanding of your problem. We will always ask you before we do this, and if you are not comfortable sharing your screen, we can walk through examples with our own UpKeep account.

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